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White Peak Area
Smith's Island Car Park
(SK 2205 6848)
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380 feet   (116 meters)
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Aug 7th 2012  Duration 2h 40m
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An Alpacca


A steady walk from Bakewell past the show ground then along side the River Wye to the edge of Haddon Estate, followed by a steady climb up through Manners Wood to Calton Pasture. The walk then crosses the pasture to descend once more through woodland onto Bakewell Golf Course before negotiating a field of Alpacas and returning to Smith's Island Car Park.

Getting There:

Bakewell is a prominent market town in Derbyshire located on the A6 towards the north of the county, to this day agricultural and cattle markets take place each Monday (Bank Holiday's excludes as is the week of the Bakewell show). During these times the town becomes extremely busy and parking can be difficult if not impossible.
Car Park Charges
(Bakewell Smiths Island)
These prices were correct at the time of last visit.
(February 23rd 2017)

    Four Hours    £3.50
    All Day          £4.50

Parking for this walk is at Smith's Island Car Park off Coombs road (Northern end of the River Bridge), or at the agricultural centre if driving in from the South. There is also limited town centre parking in the market place on non-market days; but it is so limited I tend not to bother with it.
Given the number of different long and short stay parking options available in Bakewell there are plenty of options should the Smith's Island car Park be full. It is worth noting however that the Smith's island Car Park is a private car park and that Disabled and Blue Badge parking is not available, and also that the associated badges are not recognised as being valid in this car park.

Although Bakewell has no rail station it is well served by buses. Services 6.1 and Trans-Peak from Derby and Matlock areas, Trans-Peak also from Buxton, Stockport, Manchester and Nottingham., Service 275 from Sheffield, Grindleford and Hathersage, plus services from Leek and Macclesfield. For a full list of bus services and timetables both to and from Bakewell please visit the Derby Bus Info web site.

The Walk:

Starting from Smith's Island car park cross one of the bridges over the old mill leat and walk towards the Agricultural Centre. Walk in front of the Agricultural centre then take the private road across the field/car park ahead follow this road until it swings right towards the A6. Here follow the hedge that is on the left and go through a wooden stock gate, keeping the hedge to the left continue forward along the field and exit through a second stock gate. Continue along the hedge line and ignore the yellow way marker suggesting crossing through a farm gate to the other side of the hedge. Ahead the path becomes less well defined so look for a track roughly half way between the hedge-line and the river. Take this track into the woodland and cross a single plank footbridge over a stream. Continue alongside the river crossing board-walks and passing beneath a broken tree to a wooden step stile, cross the stile and follow the path up steps away from the river until it it reaches a tree protected from stock by a wooden fence. Here the blue way marker suggests passing to the right, that's a bit of mud bath so pass to the left, follow the path to a wooden gate and exit onto a lane.

River Wye near Bakewell, Derbyshire

The River Wye

Turn left and follow the lane up the hill until it swings sharp left, here left is the blocked entrance to the Haddon Tunnel on the disused railway line parts of which now the Monsal Trail. Continue over the tunnel entrance and on the other side look for a wooden gate near a tree on the right, go through the gate then keeping the railings to the right follow the path until the ornate wall of Haddon Park and Bowling Green Farm becomes visible on the right. Turn left ionce more and follow the farm track up the hill, if you have animals or children with you take care as after the track swings to the right there is a very steep drop on the far side of the hedge to the left. After a while the track bears left and there are some fine views to be had back down the valley towards Bakewell.
View Back To Bakewell From Manners Wood, Derbyshire

View Back To Bakewell

Carry on along the track until it joins another track at a junction. At the junction look slightly left for a footpath almost immediately ahead on the opposite side, take this footpath and begin to walk up through Manners Wood. Continue to climb up through Manners Wood until it joins a more level bridle way, turn left here and follow the track to a sign marking the edge of Haddon Estate. At this point follow the blue marker arrow and turn right onto a footpath and resume the climb through the woodland. When the path reaches a wall ans heads left the top of the climb is near, follow the wall to an old gate way and pass through to the other side, now follow the path through the woodland to a more open area of land. The path now roughly follows a line of power cables for a short distance before going right into woodland once more, soon the path arrives at a stone wall with a ladder stile ans a set of gates. Being as the stile looks a bit rickety to me I tend to use the gates when I pass this way. Beyond the stile lies Calton Pasture, and Chatsworth Estate, in the middle distance can be seen the Russian Cottage and Dutch Barn, and in the distance Stand Wood and the Hunting Tower.
Calton Pasture
Trig Point (S4152)
SK 237 681
Altitude (289m/948ft)
Erected July 1st 1947
Cost £8 3s 6d (£8.17p)
Once past the either the stile or gates turn left and follow the wall along the edge of the pasture. When the wall veers off at about 90º continue ahead on your present heading across the grass land. If all goes to plan you will arrive at a gate and step stile in a wire fence on the far side of the rise. Once over the stile take a moment to look to the left for a dip in the stone wall at the edge of the pasture. This dip is the location of the Calton Pasture Trig point S4152, the trig point it's self is not immediately visible as it is roughly the same colour as the wall it stands next to.
Way Mary Tree, Calton Pasture, Derbyshire

Target Tree

With your back to the stile look across the pasture and to the right for a lone tree in the distance, this is the next way-marker for the route across Calton Pasture. Make your way across the pasture toward the target tree, as you approach you will notice a large pond between the tree and your route, now look just to the left of the pond for a five bar gate besides which is a stock gate, this is the real destination of this section of the walk. Pass through the stock gate and that the path around 45º left and aim just to the left of a stand of trees. At the trees continue along the same path until it reaches a wall and stock gate at the edge of Manners Wood.
Once through a stock gate into the wood the path immediately begins to descend the slope ahead and wind it's way down the hillside. This section is wet in places as a small stream runs along part of the path, continue down the path until you reach a Haddon Estate notice similar to the one encountered earlier along the route. At this point he path bears right and continues ever downward before exiting out onto Bakewell Golf Course.

Because the footpath enters the golf course sunken below the fairway, the club has provided a warning bell for walkers to ring to alert golfers to their presence on the footpath. Give it a ring; that's what it's there for!

Cross the golf course and follow the path, still heading down hill to the bridge over the Monsal Trail, pass through the gates and over the bridge to enter a final field. Unless you are an early morning walker, here you will probably come face to face with something not usually associated with Bakewell. Alpacas! These animals seem quite curious, so as you walk down to the exit gate with the fence to your left, don't be too surprised if they don't wonder over and take a closer look at you. Leaving the Alpacas behind walk down the driveway and exit out onto Coombs Road, turn left cross the road and go down the drive way next to the house opposite and walk down to the Agricultural Centre. From the front of the agricultural Centre retrace your steps back over the mill leat into Smith's Island car park and the end of the walk.
Warning Bell, Bakewell Golf Course, Derbyshire

Warning Bell

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