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White Peak Area
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DE45 1SR  (SK 2581 7211)
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Apr 20th 2012  Duration 2h 10m
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This walk has an easy start with a stroll beside the River Derwent followed by a reasonable climb up through Stand Wood from Chatsworth House, so try not to have too much cake if you visit the tea rooms there. The climb gives this walk wonderful views over Chatsworth House and the ornamental gardens. At the top the route visits the Hunting Tower before passing across the top of Dobb Edge and descending back to the path into Baslow. The second tea room on this route is the Caf On The Green near the car park at the start/end of the walk.
Getting There:

Baslow is situated near the junction of the A619 and the A623 around three and a half miles to the north-east of Bakewell. Baslow is also accessible from the northern end of Chatsworth Estate. From the Bakewell, Chatsworth and the South follow the signs for Baslow, on entering the village turn right at the island where the A619 and A623 meet. Continue for around a quarter of a mile then turn right at the village green into Church Lane. The pay and display car park is to be found on the right behind the bus stop.

From the Sheffield area and the North in general take the A621 south, at the traffic island where the A621 meets the A619 turn right towards Baslow. Once again after around a quarter of a mile the village green and the car park are to be found on the left.

The Walk:
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(February 23rd 2017)

    One Hour       £1.30
    Two Hours     £2.20
    Three Hours   £3.30
    Four Hours    £4.40
    All Day          £5.50
    Over Night    £1.00

From the car park return to the road, as you leave the car park turn right and walk in front of the small shop towards the Cafe on the Green. Staying on the same side of the road walk to the bridge and cross the brook, immediately on the other side of the bridge take the small road to the right signposted Chatsworth. Walk past the row of thatched cottages and follow the path to blue gate. Here there is a choice to either go through the gate (remember to close it behind you) or pass through the squeeze stile to the left of the gate. Walk on down the path ignoring the paths off to the right until you come to the Cannon Kissing Gate, this is a rotating drum construct that will easily allow the passage of a pushchair or wheelchair into Chatsworth state. To the left of the gate is blue plaque that explaining how the gate came to be there and how it got it's name.
Once through the unusual rotary gate follow the wide path through Chatsworth Path (this is part of the Derwent Valley Heritage Way) towards Chatsworth House. Along the way the path passed the White Lodge then follows the River Derwent to Queen Mary's Bower. The Bower got it's name from the fact that it was the favourite exercise spot of Mary Queen of Scot's during the time she was held prisoner at Chatsworth during 1569.

From the Bower walk along the same path as before and go through a stock gate to the bridge across the River Derwent. Do not pass over the bridge, instead cross the road then bear left up the slope towards Chatsworth House. Go through another stock gate then continue upwards to the Old Coach House tea rooms. At the Coach house you enter under the clock tower, here in the courtyard there is a fine sculpture of a horse and seating for the Restaurant and cafe/tea rooms. When ready leave, do so by the portal to the left (as looking into the courtyard from the clock tower) then walk up the slope towards a cream gate signposted "Farm Yard and Adventure Playground". Walk through the cream gate on the left and keeping the black fence on the right follow it up to a access gate, go through this gate onto a tarmaced track then proceed left up the hill along the track. After a short distance the track bears to the right, ahead is a sign pointing to the left marked "The Dell", take this path up the slope away from the tarmaced track. After a short climb the path rejoins the tarmacked track, watching for estate vehicles cross the track and continue along the path on the far side of the tarmac, at this point the sound of falling water should be audible.

Look across to the right after a few yards and the source of the water noise should come into view; the cascade of water from the aqueduct. There is a track off to the right that leads nearer the to the foot of this waterfall. Continue up the original path and pass through an arch under the aqueduct than on ever upwards as the path zigs and zags up to the top of the aqueduct, then up to another waterfall at the top of The Dell.

From the top waterfall and it's magnificent view over Chatsworth House and Park walk up the final set of stone steps into Stand Wood. At the vehicle track turn left and walk ahead for around a third of a mile to the spot where the path from Emperor Lake joins from the right, continue ahead and and slightly left for a short distance to a junction of paths, again turn to the Hunting Tower and more great views across Chatsworth Estate.

Queen Mary's Bower, Chatsworth Estate

Queen Mary's Bower

View Of Chatsworth House From The Top Of The Dell

Top Of The Dell

Images From The Dell.
Aqueduct Cascade, Chatsworth

Aqueduct Cascade

Waterfall In Dell, Chatsworth

Waterfall, The Dell

Tree Creeper, Chatsworth

Tree Creeper

Dell Top Waterfall, Chatsworth

Top Waterfall

Work Of A Woodpecker, Chatsworth

Woodpecker Work

From the front of Hunting Tower go down the steps as this route is mapped then turn right and walk up the slope to a junction of Tracks then turn left and follow he track away from the tower. Continue along the track for a little under half a mile until the woodland thins out and farm buildings become visible to the right. At this point the track bends right to the farm and a rougher somewhat muddy track continues in the original direction, take the rougher track for a short distance to a wall and high step stile. Once over the stile turn right and follow the path with the wall immediately to your right, Dobb Edge is a short distance off to the left along this stretch of the walk. After a while the path begins to descend from the top of Dobb Edge and a wall with another large step stile appears ahead. On the far side of the stile Birchen and Gardom's Edges can be clearly seen on a fine day, do not cross the stile instead look down the slope for a path through a gap bank, this is the route this walk takes from Dobb Edge back to Chatsworth Park.
Way down fromDobb Edge, Chatsworth

The Way Down
From Dobb Edge

The path down the slope through the gap in the bank is often wet under foot, especially if it has rained as this is the route run off water takes down from this part of the hill. After a short distance the path branches at the top of a small gully, keep to the right and follow the path until it rejoins the wall, then with the wall once again to your right continue down the slope. As the path drops further down the terrain changes once more into open parkland. At the next step stile in the wall there is a map of the paths through Chatsworth, here turn left and walk along the broad grass path down the slope to a gate in a wire fence. Just to the left of this gate is a small wooden step stile, cross over this stile then walk forward in the same direction continuing down the slope even though there is no defined path at this point. After three hundred yards or s cross an estate road and walk towards fenced woodland ahead, at the woodland continue to walk down hill with the fence to you right until the path returns you to the Cannon Kissing Gate.

Go through the rotary gate then back along the path to the Blue gate and squeeze stile passed through near the start of this walk. Turn right and walk past the thatched cottages to the bridge then left back to the car park and the Cafe On The Green where walkers are always welcome.

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