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Derby, Ashbourne and Cheadle
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Jun 16th 2013  Duration 1h 45m
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A gentle three mile walk around the village of Denby (Village of the Danes) mostly across reclaimed and restored open cast land following Amber Valley Routeway 21 for the majority of the way. The walk starts from the car-park opposite the 12th century Church of St Mary, then out of the village behind the Old Vicarage towards Denby Common passing the Cricket Club and the site of the lost Hamlet of Copper Yard along the way. The walk then heads across farm land towards Smalley before swinging right behind Flamstead Plantation to return along a quiet lane to St Mary's Church. Please note that some sections of this route are overgrown, others pass through long grass, both of these conditions mean that long trousers and sturdy footware are strongly advised.

Getting There:

Denby village is located around 6.5 miles north of Derby and 2.5 miles south of Ripley. From Derby take the A38 north and exit onto the B6179 signed Kilburn, turn right off the slip road and follow the road through Lower Kilburn and turn right at the second set of traffic lights (next to Falmstead School), after half a mile turn left at the T-junction and follow the road into Denby Village. The car park is on the left as you approach the church. From Ripley take the B6179 south towards Kilburn and Little Eaton, follow the road past Denby Pottery then turn left at the traffic lights beside Flamestead School then follow the directions given above into Denby.
Church Of St Mary, Denby, Derbyshire

Church Of St Mary, Denby

AVBC Routeway 21 marker
Public transport Denby is provided by the number 138 bus service from Belper, Heanor and Langley Mill; the service runs every two hours Monday to Saturday. Please visit the Derby Bus Info website for timetable details.


There are two car parks in Denby quite close to each other, one is at the John Flamstead Memorial Garden and the other opposite the church. If you end up in the wrong one (John Flamstead Memorial Gardens) just walk back to the road turn left and walk a few yards down the road to the car park from which this walk starts.

The Walk:

From the car park pass through the tall metal bicycle squeeze to enter the playing fields, bear right towards the white house in the distance and exit over a wooden step stile in the corner of the field. Follow the path as it bears right behind the old vicarage and then along the edge of a field to a second wooden step stile. Once over this stile go right along the top of the bank around a large pond, keep an eye on the reeds for a glimpse of a reed warbler clutching the vertical stems, if you're not lucky enough to spot one listen for the tell tale "trrk,trrk,churr" call as you follow the bank around the edge of the pond. As the path leaves the pond towards a section of woodland and a wooden stile with a wide gap to it's right, take care as there is an overgrown ditch in that gap and the only bridge across it is at the stile. As you follow the path along the edge of the woodland, the ground under foot soon becomes littered with red brick and masonry.
Village Cricket at Denby, Derbyshire

Denby Village Cricket At Copper Yard

This debris is all that remains of the hamlet of Copper Yard, a collection of fifteen or so properties housing the workers engaged in the copper smelting industry that took place here from the middle of the 18th century. Continue along the path until it reaches a stile in the fence to the left and a concrete bridge over a ditch to the right, cross the ditch and follow the path to cross along the edge of Copper Yard cricket ground before exiting onto a road opposite the near derelict Methodist Chapel. Cross the road and head left away from Denby towards Denby Common, at the end of the row of houses turn right into Dumbles Lane. Walk up the rough lane until it becomes a concrete road, at this point look for a way marked stile on the left, cross the stile into the field turn immediate right and pass to the right of the way marked farm gate, at this point you may to clamber over some tapes strung across the path, then cross the next field in the direction of the radio mast in the distance.
Cross the next field in the same direction then pass through a way marked gap in a wire fence on the far side, continue forward and as you approach the the cottage at the far side of the field look for a stile back onto Dumbles Lane in the hedgerow to the right. Rejoin the lane then turn left and walk up to Dumbles Cottage, on reaching the cottage take the path to the left of the property between it's boundary and a hedgerow, this path is a little overgrown but well maintained. From Dumbles Cottage continue along the path until it reaches a set of concrete posts laid to form a bridge over a small stream, cross the stream and the step stile on the far side, at the junction of paths turn left and walk up through the plantation of trees (saplings) and follow the fence line to a way-marked wooden squeeze stile.
Once through this stile ignore the stile to the left and turn right to walk up the length of the field with the hedge row to your right, at the top of the field, along the way look across to the right to a pond where curlew's could be heard calling, and also seen swooping over the fields. At the top of the field go through two wooden stiles a hedge widths apart and enter into the next field, although the routeway 21 marker suggests turning right ignore it and continue in the same direction following the fence line (left) along the length of the field, this path is not well trodden and the grass is quite long and may be wet even several days after a spell of rain. At the top of the field cross a wooden step stile beside a gate then turn right and follow the fence line (long grass again along this section) to another stile between a gate and the hedgerow, again follow the hedge line then pass through a well gnawed wooden stile in a wire fence into an area of young trees. Follow the path though the plantation then cross another paddock/field to another stile to the right of a farm gate, cross this stile and exit onto a little used farm track.

Turn left and follow the track as it curves right around the end of Flamstead Plantation, on the far side of the plantation look for a stile into the first field on the right, If the field gate is open the stile may well be obscured so go through the gate if this is the case. Again the path along the edge of this field with the plantation to the right is not well trodden and the grass is quite long, at the far side of the field look for a stile to the right of a farm gate (somewhat overgrown), cross the stile and follow the path ahead until another wooden rather overgrown squeeze stile in a wire fence is reached, take care with this one as on the far side is a narrow plank bridge over a water filled ditch. Once over the stile and ditch continue forward in the same direction towards a large metal barn and a property boundary wall.

A pond near Denby, Derbyshire

Curlew Pond

An overgrown stile on a footpath near Denby, Derbyshire

Overgrown Gate And Stile

Pass through the stock gate at the end of the wall, then forward to another wooden squeeze stile through a hawthorn hedge on the far side of which is a farm drive. On arriving onto the farm drive ignore the stile on the far side with the routeway 21 marker, instead turn left and walk along the drive following it as it swings right and heads back towards Denby. Continue down the drive past Rosy Lea Farm and on until the drive joins Flamstead Lane at a junction near to a house with solar panels on it's roof. Continue along what is now Flamestead Lane until you arrive at a routway 21 marked foot path sign on the right points the way down across fields to St Mary's Church in the distance. Follow the path down the field to the point where it crosses a small stream, from the far side of the stream head to the right of the church yard, go through the stock gate then along the overgrown path between the church and the school to exit onto the the road near to the entrance of St Mary's Church, on the far side of the road to the left is the entrance to the car park and the end of the walk.
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