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White Peak Area
Old Cheese Shop, Hartington
SK17 0AL  (SK 1281 6042)
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Sep 20th 2009  Duration 2h 10m
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Church of St Giles, Hartington 
13th Century Church Of St Giles

A gentle walk with some lovely views along a less well known stretch of the River Dove. This walk has a flat paved start along a gated road with most of the rise and fall within the second half of the route. Personally would be a bit wary of doing this in the wet or after heavy rain as the smooth stone tops on at least one of the stiles slope quite noticeably, these together with the final grass bank descent could easily become slippery in damp or wet conditions. As the River Dove forms the boundary between Derbyshire and Staffordshire in this area, this walk passes through both counties.

Getting There:

Hartington can be reached by taking the A515 north from Ashbourne for around twelve miles, turning left onto the B5054 shortly after passing through Newhaven, this leads directly to the village of Hartington in a distance of just over two miles. There are several parking options in Hartington, a few roadside parking spaces are to be found on entering the village near to the school, there ate also a few in the centre of the village but these fill quite quickly. A small pay and display car park (50 or so spaces) can be found off Mill Lane a hundred or so meters from the village centre. Refreshments can be found in either the Charles Cotton Hotel, or the Beresford Tea Rooms. The Charles Cotton Hotel is nice for tea and sandwiches or a full restaurant meal. The Beresford Tea Room (also the Post Office) is well decorated and very friendly. The Tea Room is open daily from March to November between 10.00am and 4.30pm and in winter from 10.30am to 3.30pm (Closed on Wednesdays during the winter months).

The Walk:

The walk starts from the centre of the Village of Hartington, although now a village Hartington was in fact the first market town in Derbyshire, it's charter being granted by William de Ferrers in 1203. From the village pond and Cheese Shop walk towards the Garage and continue out of the village along Dig Street . Shortly after leaving the houses behind the Dig Street becomes a gated road. Almost the first half of the walk is along this gated road towards Pilsbury with the River Dove in sight to the left for almost the entire length of this section of the walk. Along the way the road passes Bank Top Farm, Ludwell Farm, and Parks Farm. If you keep your eyes open you may also spot the site of the ford shown in the large photograph at the rear of the Beresford Tea Room. Pilsbury it's self is a little more than a collection of farm buildings above and to the right of the road. A short diversion from the route of this walk to the site of Pilsbury Castle is possible from this point. From Pilsbury turn left down the wide green track opposite the buildings, this track is really quite wide and is sometimes used by walkers to park their vehicles.

Car Park Charges
(Hartington 'Mill Ln')
These prices were correct at the time of last visit.
(February 24th 2017)

    One Hour       1.30
    Two Hours     2.20
    Three Hours   3.30
    Four Hours    4.40
    All Day          5.50
    Over Night    1.00

As the track approaches the river it begins to narrow and a paved path leaves off to the right towards the footbridge. Having crossed the narrow bridge, and leaving Derbyshire and entering Staffordshire continue up the farm track to a stile on the left next to a gate and just before the track is crossed by another farm track. Pass left through the gate or over the style and head across the large field along the well walked path towards a hump-backed stretch of wall on the opposite side the field. To ensure that you are "on the right track" there is a way marker around half way across the field, on reaching the far wall the exit from the field is a stile slightly uphill to the right. Walk carefully around the top of the gully in the next field and exit via another stile in the far boundary wall. The exit from this field should be visible on the skyline as a stile just to the left of a building near to a clump of trees, on reaching the building follow the path between the hedge and the wall to a gate that exits onto a road.
Walk left along the road for a short distance until Harris Close Farm is reached on the left, the entrance to the farm is a short track marked by a sign offering eggs for sale. On entry to the farm look across to the right, the exit path is between the rightmost building and the farm wall. This path is not at all obvious, so to be helpful the farmer has painted an arrow on the building showing the route! Walk down the side of the building until it exits into a field. Keeping the field wall to your right continue through the next four fields, passing from field to the next by stiles. If the gates next to the stiles are open I would suggest you use them, as some of the stiles are in my view a bit dodgy, especially the third which would not be out of place on an army obstacle course. In the fifth field the wall to the right is not present so continue the same course across the middle of the field to a stile in the far wall. In this final field keep close to the wall on the right once more, as the ground falls away steeply to the left as the path approaches a plantation of trees. Follow the path as it weaves between the trees, all of the time being aware of the top of the bank where the ground falls away sharply. On exiting the plantation by yet another stile, follow the grassed path down the slope between bushes towards a farm track and way marker. This bank can easily become rather slippery if the ground is wet, so please take care when descending this bank in anything but the driest weather. On reaching the farm track walk to the way marker where several footpaths converge. Pass through the small gate to the left and cross the field towards the River Dove, your exit point being marked by a large yellow disk attached to the side of the stile that is the way out of the field to a footbridge over the river and county boundary.
Harris Close Farm Map Graphic

Once back in Derbyshire follow the path up the slope to narrow gap type stile in the wall, protected by a gate on the far side to prevent cattle blocking the gap. Again follow the worn path to the opposite side of the field, there exit by either the gates or a group of three stiles. By this point I have had enough of stiles and use the gates, even though these are the last stiles of the walk. Every time I have walked through this field it has been populated be sheep, avoiding the "output" of the sheep walk to the far corner of the field where another gate heads into an area of woodland. The path is easily followed through the wooded area and exits via a gate into paddock along side the now disused cheese factory/creamery. Follow the fence line with the factory on the right and exit into Stonewell Lane. Turn left and is now only a short distance back to the Cheese Shop and the duck pond in the middle of the village.

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