Rowsley to Calton Lees (Route A) via Beeley

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4.50 Miles (7.20 Km)
Explorer OL24  1:25000
White Peak Area
Old Station Close Car Park
DE4 2EL  (SK 2569 6567)
351 feet   (107 meters)
321 feet   (98 meters)
702 feet   (214 meters)
Free Off-Road
May 11th 2012  Duration 2hrs
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A four and a half mile with nearly all of the climb out of the war within the first half mile. Along the way the walk passes through woodland, up the side of a steep ravine to a wooden bridge over Smeltingmill Brook, then down across pasture land to Beeley and Calton Lees. The return route is via the Derwent Valley Herritage Way. Please take care if walking with dogs as this route passes through fields of sheep and lambs and cows with calves. The two tea shops on this walk both need a short diversion, the first is within Chatsworth Garden Center at Calton Lees around half way through the walk, the second is near the end of the walk within the Caudwell's Mill complex in Rowsley.

The Country Parour Café at Caudwell's Mill serves great vegetarian food and is very popular, so may well be busy at peak times and weekends.

Lambs, Calton Lees, Derbyshire

Lambing Time.

Getting There:

Rowsley lies on the A6 around four and a half miles north of Matlock (not Matlock Bath), three and a half miles south-east of Bakewell and three miles south of Chatsworth House. This pinpoints Rowsley fairly accurately I believe. Parking for this walk is in a small off road car park (only 29 spaces) on Old Station Close off of the A6 near to the river bridge, this car park can fill quickly especially as it is free. Please don't be tempted to Park at Caudwell's Mill as the car park there is strictly for patrons only! Rowsley is also well served by public transport with regular services from Derby (6.1 and TransPeak) Nottingham, Buxton and Manchester (TransPeak) and Sheffield (services 214 and 215). Timetable information for these services is available from the Derby Bus Info web site.

Footpath Through A Hedge, Derbyshire

This Way!

The Walk:

From the car park, return to the A6 and cross carefully. Then turn right and walk away from Rowsley to the group of shop at the road junction ahead. The first footpath for this walk is immediately to the right of the shop selling fireplaces. Go through the squeeze stile and up the hill between a wall and a line of fencing. After a while the path crosses a gate and a stile with the wall swapping from the right of the path to the left, here the path is a little less swell defined and continues uphill to a small garden style gate through a manicured hedge. Go through this gate and up the side of the garden to Chesterfield Lane, at the road way turn left down hill for a short distance to a bridle path on the right. This is a vehicle type track with a blue path marker arrow on the gate that is set a little way back from the road. After almost a quarter of a mile another blue arrow indicates thet the route leave the track and contiues along path to the left.

View Over Beeley From Rowsley Wood, Derbyshire

View Over Beeley From Rowsley Wood.

The path drops slightly down the hill before reaching a fork, keep to the right and continue along the the path as it curves right and begins to climb along the side of a steep ravine cut by Smeltingmill Brook. At the top of the climb the path swings left over a wooden footbridge offering fine views of the brook tumbling over the rocks. Once over the bridge the path joins a wider track, turn left and start down the slop and on between two large columns of stone work. The path narrows beyond these columns and continues to drop down until it reaches the edge of the wood. At this point turn right and follow the path back up the hill and into the woodland once more. After a while a path joins from the right, ignore it and continue in the same general direction (left) as before. Once more the path will lead to the edge of the woodland, this time leave the woods through a squeeze stile into open an field. The path appears to run across the field following a dip in the ground to a metal farm gate on the far side, this is not the case the exit from the filed is a second squeeze stile a way to the left of the metal gate close to a large tree. At first this exit too seems blocked by an old metal gate, this is not the case as this gate slides to the side to allow passage. Please remember to slide it back into place once through. In the next field the path is quite visible heading diagonally left down the slope, once again the exit is through a squeeze stile, to be honest this stile has to be in the running for the counties narrowest. The last fields exit is in the bottom right corner along a track to the right next to the new fencing, follow this fencing to the road then trough a stock gate to the left of the metal farm gate. Turn left and walk down the lane into Beeley, at the bottom of the road by the public house keep left and walk down to the main road (B6012). Cross this road taking care as this is a busy road carrying traffic between Chatsworth House and Rowsley. Once across the road turn right and follow the footpath to a ill fitting kissing gate opposite the church yard.
The River Derwent At Calton Lees, Derbyshire

View Towards Chatsworth From The Bridge at Calton Lees.

The next bit is easy! Once through the gate follow the well trodden path across the pasture for half a mile to the bridge over the River Derwent at Calton Lees. This section has a lot of lambs present in the spring time, so please take this into account if you are walking with a dog or two. Leave the pasture though another kissing gate and cross the bridge, the footpaths are narrow in this bridge are narrow, and the shape of the bridge means that you may not be seen by traffic until quite late. Once over the bridge take the path into the trees beyond the gate house. This is marked "To Rowsley", if you are walking early listen for wood peckers around here as I have often heard them busy at their work. Exiting the trees brings the route to the entrance of Chatsworth Garden Center, bear left here if you want a cup of coffee, or right up onto the road to continue the walk.
Calton Lees, Derbyshire

Calton Lees.

At this point the walk joins the Derwent Valley Heritage Way (DVH Way on maps) for the return leg of the walk. Walk along the road behind to the side of the garden centre into the Hamlet of Calton Lees. Just beyond the point where the road beard right there is a junction,, that the road sharp left and continue through the houses to a field gate just beyond the last house, where the road becomes a track and swings right. Take note of the warning to keep clear of the cows in the fields ahead. To be totally honest when walking in fields with cows I am always more than a little careful never to pass between a calf and it's mother! Once over the stile follow the path to the left and follow the wall to a muddy gateway, here there are three choices, brave the mud, climb the ladder stile, or step over the fallen wall.
Which ever method you use once on the other side of the wall continue in the same direction as before, this time with woodland to your right. The next field gate can become flooded after prolonged rain, if this is the case approach it from the right as the land is higher there, and there are stones to step onto on the other side. Once past this gate the going becomes somewhat easier for a while. Continue to follow the path in the same direction across the next three fields using passing through gates or over stiles as needed, until the path meets the river bank. Here aim for a old wooden gate in the wall to the right just over half way along the field. This is has a way marker attached although it is not immediately obvious. Once over the gate (there is a hole in the middle so dogs can pass quite easily) follow the path to the left in the same general direction as before and enter what looks to once have been a coppice. Exit the woodland through a metal gate into a field and follow the path keeping the wall to you right.
Old Wooden Gate Stile, DVH Way, Derbyshire

The Old Wooden Gate.

Eventually the path becomes a farm track between tall hedges, once on this path follow it for its length back into Rowsley. Near the end the track passed beneath a disused railway line, from here to the end (not far) it can be muddy when wet. When the road is reached turn left and walk down to the A6 passing the old post-office along the way When you get to the A6 there is a pedestrian crossing close by, opposite is the road to Caudwell's Mill and the second potential coffee/tea shop. If you choose not to visit the Mill and take refreshments cross the road and continue over the bridge back to the car park and the end of the walk.
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