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3.50 Miles (5.60 Km)
Explorer 245/260  1:25000
National Forest/Nottingham
Wilne Lane Car Park, Shardlow
DE72 2HA  (SK 4468 3002)
104 feet   (32 meters)
95 feet   (29 meters)
108 feet   (33 meters)
Free Off Road
Jun 2nd 2011  Duration 1h 45min
Free Parking Shardlow Derbyshire
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Walk Altitude Profile:

A circular walk along the waterways surrounding Shardlow, then back across farmland into Shardlow it's self, and finally along the towpath of the Trent Mersey canal to Wilne Lane and the start of the walk. Being based around water for a large proportion of the route this walk is quite flat throughout it's length, the steepest part being the ten steps from the road to the canal side at the start/end of the walk. A couple of words of caution regarding this walk, firstly the crossing of the canal via the lock gates at Derwentmouth lock, needs great care, plus the ability to avoid the grease of the lack mechanisms. Secondly the curious cows near to Shardlow Hall, they tend to get rather close!

Getting There:

Shardlow is on the A6 Between Derby and the M1 junction 24A. The entrance to Wilne Lane from the A6 is between Navigation Inn and a large bow fronted house. Parking for this walk is a free long stay car park off Wilne Lane to the right before the canal bridge. This car park has capacity for twenty to thirty vehicles depending on how people park. The tea shop on this walk is toward the end of the route at Hoskins Wharf in the Old Salt Warehouse, an entrance is available from the canal tow-path, note the tea room currently opens only at weekends from 11am. Several pub's are also available in and around Shardlow.

Regular buses from Derby, Loughborough and Leicester is available via the Skylink service, ask the driver for the Navigation Inn stop at Shardlow.

Canal Side Pub, Shardlow

View to The Malt Shovel Inn

Derwentmouth Lock, Shardlow

Derwentmouth Lock

The Walk:

From the car park turn right and walk towards the canal bridge, before reaching the bridge cross the road and descend to the tow path via a set of stone steps. At the canal side turn right to pass under the road bridge then follow the tow path for just over half a mile to Derwentmouth Lock. At Derwentmouth lock carefully cross the canal using whichever of the lock gates is closed (take care as these are working gates and acting as a bridge is not their primary function, also be aware of grease on the lock mechanisms). Having crossed the canal and reached the start of the 55 mile long Derwent Valley Heritage Way cross the footbridge over the canal overspill sluice. Follow the path through a somewhat overgrown area of willow then over a stile and a two plank footbridge to pass between two ponds.

Follow the path to the left around the top of the pond then towards the hedge, before reaching the hedge the path meets another more well worn path,turn right with the hedge to you left and walk towards the river. When nearing the river look for a stile in the hedgerow marked with a yellow way marker arrow. Pass over this stile and a second stile, then under the branches of a weeping tree and out into. This field along with the next nearly always contains livestock, so if you have a dog with you on this walk please take this into account. Follow the path beside the river and pass into the next field through a large gap in the hedge. As the river begins to sweep to the right look to the far left corner of the field for a new section of fence. This new fence is the exit point, beyond the fence is a wide drainage dyke and the only crossing is at this point. The new fence has no stile, (this has been reported) but is very sturdy and is easily clambered over. Having traversed both the fence and the dyke, turn left and follow the wide track to metal stile and gate. Cross the metal stile beside the gate and walk down the lane into Great Wilne, follow the lane around a right hand bend, then as the lane turns left continue directly ahead through a wooden gate into a small corral. At this point the route joins that of Shardlow walk one. Exit the corral by the gate to the left and follow the field boundary towards the rear of the houses on the opposite side of the field. Here the path continues between the garden walks and a hedge line, the best I can say about this section of the route is it is a somewhat overgrown! The path soon exits into a field over a stile with a rather unusual warning; "Chickens loose in field". Keeping the hedgerow to the right pass through this and two further fields, ignore the stile to the right on entering the second field.
Cow blocked field exit.

Cow Field Exit

The exit from the third field brings the route out into a large field with flood control banks. Walk along the top of the flood control bank ahead ans slightly to the left, as you reach the end of the embankment take note of the sign; "Do not run in the field with cows". This is good advice; somewhere in the next three fields you will meet the cows! They tend to get rather close, so walk steadily, quietly and keep dogs and children under control and all will be well. The exit from the second field is a metal three step stile, in this case the cows decided to use it to ambush me. (See image opposite.) Once over the metal barrier the path travels a short distance before reaching a more traditional wooden stile, pass over this and onto a farm access road. Walk along the road towards buildings ahead, the road soon splits with a well worn track to the right and a large barn with a faded blue door. Walk to this barn then pass to the right between the barn and a wall, cross the last
stile of the walk and emerge onto the main A6 near the Dog & Duck public house. At this point the route splits once more from that of Shardlow walk one. Turn left and walk along the A6 for half a mile to the Old Clock Warehouse and Heritage Center. Here drop down to the canal side once again and walk north along the tow path for a quarter of a mile. Climb the 10 stone steps that were descended at the start of the walk and bear right to return to the car park.
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