Circular Walks In And Around Derbyshire

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17/02/2017: Update

Started to play catchup on the site, most of the Car Park charges have been updated and the daylight times now correctly reflect BST as well as GMT. Two of the Tissington walks have been revisited, and a new walk (Duffield to Quandron and Allestree Park) completed and is now in the process of being typed up. Still working on securing the contact page, seems the CAPTCHA utility I was using had developed a secutiry flaw so I am now trying to integrate a new one with auto reporting of spam sources.

Rob. Derbyshire Walker and site Admin.

09/02/2017: Update

First new page on the site in quite a while. Daylight Hours, sunrise and sunset times for the next 60 days for the Derbyshire area. I hope you find it useful.

Rob. Derbyshire Walker and site Admin.

04/02/2017: Update

Work on the Comments page is going nicely, should have that back on line soon, please be aware that I am not a web developer and have written this site by hand from the ground up, and my coding style has changed sice I started, so I need to work out how I got it to work when I wrote it! One thing I have fixed though is the sunrise/sunset times this is now comming from a new source and the added functionality it has to offer may well result in a new page!

Rob. Derbyshire Walker and site Admin.

01/02/2017: Update

As some of you may habe noticed the site has been flooded with spam over the past couple of weeks, despite my best efforts the only way to stop it has ben to take the comments page down for a redesign. I have flushed out all the junk form the database no none of your real comments have been lost (I hope). As to new walks, work has been busy over the last two or three years and since early 2014 I have bearly had tome to keep up with site maintenance, but it looks as if I may soon have some time on my hands to redo some of the walks and add a new one or two.

Rob. Derbyshire Walker and site Admin.

Alsop en le Dale - Three WalksAmbergate - Three WalksAshbourne - Two WalksAshford In The Water - Two WalksAshover - Two WalksBakewell - Four WalksBaslow - Two WalksChatsworth - Two WalksCromford - Six WalksDenby Village - 3.00 MilesDovedale - Two WalksGrassmoor and the 5 Pits Trail - 6.00 MilesHartington - Nine WalksHartshorne - Two WalksHathersage - Four WalksHigh Peak Junction - Three WalksHope - Two WalksHorsley - Three WalksKedleston - Two WalksLittle Eaton - Two WalksMatlock to Darley Bridge - 4.25 MilesMonsal Head - Five WalksOsmaston - Two WalksRosliston Forestry Centre - 3.25 MilesRowsley - Three WalksShardlow - Two WalksTaxal - 3.50 MilesTissington - Four WalksTorside Reservoir - 4.00 MilesWhatstandewll Menu - Two Walks

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