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24/06/2014: An Apology
Visitors I feel I must apologise for the lack of development and general update of the site over the first part of 2014. Besides walking I have been involved in the rescue and rehoming of Rabbits and small pets for a number of years, early this year the lady that runs the rescue fell and broke both hips and a leg resulting in an extended stay in hospital, the knock-on effect of this is that my involvement and that of a few other volunteers in the day-to-day running and rehoming activities of the rescue through the roof! As a direct result I found I had no time to walk or maintain the site to my usual standard, things at the rescue are returning to something near normal and once again I find I have a little free time to maintain the site and add new walks so please bear with me a little longer whilst I play catch-up. Already I have managed to fixed the weather forecast feed after my US based supplier changed it's API again without notice! A new walk is also in the process of being written up and a walk completed early in February is to be rewalked so it too can be typed up. I am also trying to sort replies to emails, comments and subscription requests, but being a one-man site it takes time andI will get there as soon as I can. Please don't be too surprised it you get an email to answer a question you have forgotten about.


Welcome to Derbyshire Walking.

If you are a regular visitor you may notice things are a bit different. The menu system for the site has been redesigned to accommodate the increasing number of walk locations across Derbyshire featured on this site, basically the menu was getting too long. The seventy-nine walk routes currently available on this site are now to be found via the wonderfully named "Walks" page, or by clicking the required hotspot on the map of Derbyshire to the right. As well as making things a bit tidier and easier to navigate this change also allows me more space to bring you news of new routes and other things I hope may be of interest to Derbyshire Walkers.

Alsop en le Dale - Three WalksAmbergate - Three WalksAshbourne - Two WalksAshford In The Water - Two WalksAshover - Two WalksBakewell - Four WalksBaslow - Two WalksChatsworth - Two WalksCromford - Six WalksDenby Village - 3.00 MilesDovedale - Two WalksGrassmoor and the 5 Pits Trail - 6.00 MilesHartington - Nine WalksHartshorne - Two WalksHathersage - Four WalksHigh Peak Junction - Three WalksHope - Two WalksHorsley - Three WalksKedleston - Two WalksLittle Eaton - Two WalksMatlock to Darley Bridge - 4.25 MilesMonsal Head - Five WalksOsmaston - Two WalksRosliston Forestry Centre - 3.25 MilesRowsley - Three WalksShardlow - Two WalksTaxal - 3.50 MilesTissington - Four WalksTorside Reservoir - 4.00 MilesWhatstandewll Menu - Two Walks

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