Circular Walks In And Around Derbyshire

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06/04/2015: Update

All thank you for the positive comments, since mid 2013 I have done very little walking due to a new job, a little ill health and a whole load of other stuff. In 2014 two walks were completed but never published but I am about to put that right. Also some of you may have noticed that the Melbourne walk has gone missing. David the farmer who owns part of the land contacted me with a correction and supplied me with the detail to fix the error. I thank him very much for his help, and wish more land owners were so helpful. With luck that walk will be back on-line soon. There have also been one or two comment posts suggesting corrections, I do not ignore these and I am in the process of catching up and sorting them out, it seems at times I get left and right mixed up... I will get a marker pen and write "L" and "R" on the palms of my hands before I set off in future.

Please do comment if I make an error, the last thing I want is for anyone to get lost on one of my walks. I walk with a camera as a memory aid and type up the walks a few days later sitting at the keyboard with my map and the images and my memory of the walk. The issue seems to come when I do more than one walk in a short period of time. Anyway I have redone a couple of the existing walks as a warm up and now I have my boots back on I will aim to get the site up to ninety walks by the end of the year. Thanks for you patience and positive comments. I will also do my best to bring the site search back on line, as the old one stopped working when my hosting service replatformed the site.

Rob. Derbyshire Walker and site Admin.

Alsop en le Dale - Three WalksAmbergate - Three WalksAshbourne - Two WalksAshford In The Water - Two WalksAshover - Two WalksBakewell - Four WalksBaslow - Two WalksChatsworth - Two WalksCromford - Six WalksDenby Village - 3.00 MilesDovedale - Two WalksGrassmoor and the 5 Pits Trail - 6.00 MilesHartington - Nine WalksHartshorne - Two WalksHathersage - Four WalksHigh Peak Junction - Three WalksHope - Two WalksHorsley - Three WalksKedleston - Two WalksLittle Eaton - Two WalksMatlock to Darley Bridge - 4.25 MilesMonsal Head - Five WalksOsmaston - Two WalksRosliston Forestry Centre - 3.25 MilesRowsley - Three WalksShardlow - Two WalksTaxal - 3.50 MilesTissington - Four WalksTorside Reservoir - 4.00 MilesWhatstandewll Menu - Two Walks

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